Oh my actual days, well this has been pretty alright really hasn’t it? Getting on for two weeks of sunshine and still they forecast more to come, who’s complaining? Well of course some people are because that’s just the nature of us Brits, first it’s too wet, or too cold and then it’s too hot and sticky? It always amazes me how that happens, granted not everyone can be accused, but on a hot day you will inevitably hear someone negatively discussing the weather, as if, they had suddenly forgotten how abysmal June was and as how delicious it feels to have the sun beating down on our pale English bods!

Not me! In fact we have been making the most of the summer spells and equipped with a laptop, a few instruments, logic and some monitor speakers we have travelled down to the North Coast of Cornwall to escape the distractions of the city and focus on songs and new music. It’s been so so good, we’ll spend some time at the desk laying down bits and pieces and then we’ll meander down to the beach to de-tangle our busy musical minds for the next session.

This week I was accompanied by an old school friend and talented photographer Alex Thomas and my writing buddy/multi-instrumentalist Ben Daniel (Bear). Al stayed at our little Cornish beach house for the first part of last week and on the Tuesday night as the sun dropped we saw it was going to be a stunner so we grabbed a bunch of his gear and walked over to world famous surf spot Constantine Bay. There were no waves this time but we were blessed with one of the most photogenic sunsets I have witnessed in Cornwall for some time. Al snapped away and you can see some of the shots that he captured below. You can see more of his work at www.alex-photo.com

So pretty much the rest of the week was spent working with Bear through a collection of new ideas for a record that we are hoping to have under our belt in time for a 2014 release. It’s been a good process, in theory we already have more than enough songs to make a new EP/album but we continue to write to see if we can better what we have already done. So far we are getting buzzed with the new direction we are taking and have been putting ideas together with both Sam (drums) and Leo (bass) to broaden the field of what’s possible musically and sonically.

Also worthy of a mention was our show on Saturday night at the Carnglaze Caverns. The caverns themselves are three man-made caves formed as part of a slate quarry in the Loveny valley near the village of St Neot in Cornwall. One of the caverns was used during World War 2 as storage space for the Royal Navy to keep their rum supply. It is this cavern that in recent years has been transformed into a 400 capacity concert venue and they have done quite a spectacular job. With it being entirely carved out of rock the acoustics were second to none and we played to an awesome crowd who threw a shitload of vibe our way much to our great appreciation. A good time was had by all.

We will be putting up some new video content soon and don’t forget if there is anything you would really like to see from us don’t hesitate to ask via our facebook page facebook.com/jamesrobinsonofficial or via info@jamesrobinson-music.com

That’s it for now, have a great week and we’ll catch you round here in a bit!

James x



Is it just me or is it actually starting to feel like summer has arrived!?  After what seemed like the longest/ wettest winter ever it’s been well overdue but today really feels like the British summers that we used to know and LOVE. In the band we have definitely been enjoying the sunny days of late, and we were really lucky to have nice warm weather for some of our recent shows.

On the night of the Super Moon we performed at Maker Sunshine Festival, a festival that I have been to for the last few years and a festival that sits atop a high piece of land that lies facing Devon on the cornish side of the Tamar river overlooking the beautiful surrounding countryside and the ocean. The local folk down there certainly know how to put on a party and we had an absolute blast over the weekend of the festival including our show at Totnes Barrelhouse. When we started our set at the Dome Stage on the Sunday, we started off with about 15 people, three songs in and the tent was full of hundreds, it was absolutely banging! The moon that night was incredible, so big and so bright and the evening was perfectly mild. We stayed up to watch the sunrise to round off an awesome weekend.

The night of our Brighton gig was a lovely evening to enjoy the outside decking at Above Audio and as the sun went down behind the pier we enjoyed sets from Mike Davies and Felix Fables before we jumped up onstage and did our thing. The following night was our London gig at The Islington which I think might have been my favourite of all of our performances this year. I don’t know quite why but for some reason it just all seemed to click that night, we had a great audience and the vibe was immense.

After six months or so we are really coming into our own and I feel so grateful every time I step up onstage with my bandmates. They are some of the best guys I have ever met and musically they are some of the most gifted young players in the country. They all live and breathe music, it’s what connects us and as we spend more and more time together we are developing a very strong chemistry, as brothers and as creative individuals.

For quite some time now we have been working away on new music and the coming weeks will be spent writing more new songs for a brand new record. We are buzzing about the material and we will be recording in the autumn. This is what we live for, we could not be happier right now and we cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on.

We will continue to post videos and updates throughout the summer and we will have more news to come, but for now, enjoy the sunshine (with SPF ;) ) and have a great weekend!

J x


Catch us on the road.


Image (1)

My two shows over the weekend in Devon and Cornwall reminded me that the South West is one of the best places to enjoy a bank holiday in the summer time. I was stoked to be able to support my buddies from Albenaza at Cubert Pie & Ale fest – which was MENTAL and then the following night we took to the high seas with the first official RIDE Boat Party.

I managed to catch our very own Alik Peters-Deacon and his funk soul brothers from Freshly Squeezed at the Vauxhall Quay and then we continued the fun at Thirst Bar to watch Albenaza see in May Day 2013. It was an EPIC weekend of music.

Check out our tour dates for more shows in the South West over the summer including the next Ride Boat Party and Volksfest supporting Alabama 3 at the end of this month.

Keep us on the dial for more updates soon!

big love

J x



Here’s a little taster from some of our recent dates!

More summer dates TBA soon.

Come on sun!!

:D J x


We were stoked with the response from our recent run of dates and we are pleased to announce the following shows coming over the summer. Look out for more shows TBA

APR 19 – Emile’s – Utrecht/Holland
MAY 24 – Volksfest – Newnham Park
JUNE 22 – The Barrelhouse – Totnes
JUNE 23 – Maker Festival – Maker/Cornwall
JULY 13 – Carnglaze Caverns – Cornwall
AUG 23 – C103 (with the Hoosiers) – Plymouth
SEPT 28 – Looe Festival – Cornwall

 photo JRB_30_zps874e4576.jpg

More tour

Another little clip from our Ropes tour – this time a cover of Beyonce’s floor filler-killer: ‘Sweet Dreams’. Enjoy!


Happy Easter weekend ladies and gents!

Spring is coming… Firstly I’m just going to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to any one of the shows that made up our recent tour. We met a lot of very cool people and made some great new friends on our travels… We are grateful to have met you all!

We were buzzing after our last two rehearsals (which were in fact our only two full band rehearsals) and we were really hoping that we would be able to deliver the same sort of energy and vibe as we had experienced in the studio. After an awesome first show in Brighton we really found our feet and by the time we got to London we had set the bench mark for the rest of the tour. When we arrived in the South West the following week it felt like we had been playing together for years and the feeling on stage had really started to become quite special.

To give you some idea – here is some footage from the tour and a recording that was taken from our set at Mama Stones in Exeter:

Moving forward we are booking up summer shows and we are constantly working on new material. Keep your eyes on here & our facebook page for news and updates and we hope to see you all very soon. And so it begins…

Have a great Easter Weekend fam!

J x

(For all bookings & enquiries, please contact – info@jamesrobinson-music.com)



So the Ropes tour is in full swing and we kicked off this week in the South East with back to back shows in Brighton and London.

Brighton was awesome, we weren’t sure what to expect what with it being our first ever live show together as a band but there was so much incredible support for us and we had a banging first gig to start the tour.

London was a definite mile stone, I can’t remember the last time I felt so good whilst performing and with an amazing crowd, we took the show to the next level. It was inspiring to say the least and Sam, Leo and Alik absolutely smashed it. Adrenaline. Stoked.

Last week we recorded a home made EP to give everyone a bit of an idea of what is happening musically at the moment, it’s just a small peek to begin with but there is more to come in the very near future. We also included a bonus track ‘Rich Man’ which was recorded as part of the Sonic1 sessions back in October.

It is NOW available via my new store page on Facebook!


Next week we are in Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes and Southampton. We can’t wait…

Have a great weekend everyone! J x


Boom, excitment!

Tonight we will be taking to the stage in Brighton town.

It just so happens to be the Latest Bar (formerly The Joogleberry Playhouse) where I played my first band gig ever.

We are all buzzing…