So the Ropes tour is in full swing and we kicked off this week in the South East with back to back shows in Brighton and London.

Brighton was awesome, we weren’t sure what to expect what with it being our first ever live show together as a band but there was so much incredible support for us and we had a banging first gig to start the tour.

London was a definite mile stone, I can’t remember the last time I felt so good whilst performing and with an amazing crowd, we took the show to the next level. It was inspiring to say the least and Sam, Leo and Alik absolutely smashed it. Adrenaline. Stoked.

Last week we recorded a home made EP to give everyone a bit of an idea of what is happening musically at the moment, it’s just a small peek to begin with but there is more to come in the very near future. We also included a bonus track ‘Rich Man’ which was recorded as part of the Sonic1 sessions back in October.

It is NOW available via my new store page on Facebook!

Next week we are in Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes and Southampton. We can’t wait…

Have a great weekend everyone! J x