Is it just me or is it actually starting to feel like summer has arrived!?  After what seemed like the longest/ wettest winter ever it’s been well overdue but today really feels like the British summers that we used to know and LOVE. In the band we have definitely been enjoying the sunny days of late, and we were really lucky to have nice warm weather for some of our recent shows.

On the night of the Super Moon we performed at Maker Sunshine Festival, a festival that I have been to for the last few years and a festival that sits atop a high piece of land that lies facing Devon on the cornish side of the Tamar river overlooking the beautiful surrounding countryside and the ocean. The local folk down there certainly know how to put on a party and we had an absolute blast over the weekend of the festival including our show at Totnes Barrelhouse. When we started our set at the Dome Stage on the Sunday, we started off with about 15 people, three songs in and the tent was full of hundreds, it was absolutely banging! The moon that night was incredible, so big and so bright and the evening was perfectly mild. We stayed up to watch the sunrise to round off an awesome weekend.

The night of our Brighton gig was a lovely evening to enjoy the outside decking at Above Audio and as the sun went down behind the pier we enjoyed sets from Mike Davies and Felix Fables before we jumped up onstage and did our thing. The following night was our London gig at The Islington which I think might have been my favourite of all of our performances this year. I don’t know quite why but for some reason it just all seemed to click that night, we had a great audience and the vibe was immense.

After six months or so we are really coming into our own and I feel so grateful every time I step up onstage with my bandmates. They are some of the best guys I have ever met and musically they are some of the most gifted young players in the country. They all live and breathe music, it’s what connects us and as we spend more and more time together we are developing a very strong chemistry, as brothers and as creative individuals.

For quite some time now we have been working away on new music and the coming weeks will be spent writing more new songs for a brand new record. We are buzzing about the material and we will be recording in the autumn. This is what we live for, we could not be happier right now and we cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on.

We will continue to post videos and updates throughout the summer and we will have more news to come, but for now, enjoy the sunshine (with SPF ;) ) and have a great weekend!

J x